About the Artist

  • Masters Degree Yale University

  • Professor of Art since 1973

  • Exhibitions in museums throughout the U.S.

  • Public Works Artist  with 27 murals throughout the U.S.

Ms. Davidson works have shown in museums, including Coral Springs Art Museum, Cleveland Museum of Art, Delaware Museum of Art and Volgograd Museum of Art in Russia.

Her interest in Tennessee history has inspired her to create interpretive projects about “The Trail of Tears”. She is co-founder of “The Trail of Tears Museum and Tourist Information Center,” Pulaski, Tennessee and creator of “The Trail of Tears Interpretive” Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.

Ms. Davidson is the Founder and Director of the Global Rivers Art Exchange Project – an ongoing cultural exchange program, which currently consists of 50 paintings by artists from four continents, showing the state and health of their respective Rivers.

The artist  has conducted art exchanges all over the world, including Mexico, Russia, and Ghana.

Bernice is available for public mural projects. Prints of her paintings may also be purchased online.

Contact Bernice Davidson, davidson@usit.net
252 Brace Road, Summertown, TN 38483

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